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about the Flash Car Mob:

The Flash Car Mob was started as a new and different way to have cruise-ins and car gatherings.  This is for vehicle owners and those that appreciate them. The Flash Car Mob was started mostly due to the fact that many gatherings outgrow their current locations or are forced to leave because of problems with tenants or with the property owner.  It is an unsponsored event in every shape and form except in the fact that we ask that you conduct some business with a business on the property that we are visiting.

An example:

A lingerie store owner show up early and sees a few thousand people in the parking lot of a monthly regular cruise-in and decides to open early next month and bring in extra staff to man the store. After a few months of trying to sell lingerie to cruise-in / car gathering participants, lingerie store owner decides that this has been a waste of his time and money and complains to the property owner that his customers don't have a place to park and if this cruise-in / car gathering is not shut down, he will move out when his lease expires. Property owner now has a problem with tenants complaining....never mind the fact that these store don't usually open until a couple of hours after everyone has left.

When car cruise-ins/gatherings get big and get removed from their regular locations, the reason is usually not the businesses that are benefitting from the cruise-in, the participants or the property owner, the reason for being removed is because of the businesses that DO NOT benefit from the cruise-in. The businesses that sell consumable items such as food and coffee do a great business. The ones that sell lingerie, and home furnishings maybe not so much business. Most of the morning cruise-ins/gatherings happen on a Sunday morning before most businesses open.

How does a Flash Car Mob work?

Focus on location is based on a business that is to be our host, a large parking lot, and a place we have never been to.

Focus on the business is based on their hours of operation, type of food or beverages sold, and proximity to a large parking lot.

Focus on the date and time is based on whether it is going to be a morning gathering, afternoon gathering, or evening/night gathering. Consideration is also taken on other businesses in proximity that may get offended at our presence.

Weather also plays a role, as no Flash Car Mobs will be held when the roads are wet or it is definitely going to rain.

When you join the Flash Car Mob,  you will be notified of events via E-Mail or through our Facebook page.   Some events may be short notice, some may be planned well in advance.  Sometime we may join another cruise-in.   We will try to avoid those that have entry fees or are a regular car show,  unless it is a car show that is free to enter.

The idea of the Flash Car Mob is pretty simple:

If we gather and spend money at the business, then we are customers. If we change locations each time, then we are not gathering regularly at the same location. It is a non-event. Just someone letting others know that they will be having coffee and donuts at a specific place and time. If a great number of people want to show up and also have coffee and donuts, well, that is their choice. And if there happens to be a few hundred hot rod, classics, antiques, muscle cars, imports, exotics, bikes, trucks, etc.. well, that gives you something to look at while sipping on your coffee or munching on your food.


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