Flash Car Mob


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What is a Flash Car Mob?

A Flash Car Mob is an unplanned gathering of car, truck, bike, wheeled vehicle aficionados. The location varies and the date and time varies. The venue or property owner is unaware of the group that is coming to visit, and the restaurant, coffee shop, or donut place is also unaware. The idea is pretty simple:

Gather your friends, bring your vehicle or yourself, and show up at a location to spend a little money in the establishment, visit with some new friends and vehicles for a few hours, then move on to a different location next time. The business that is our "host" will be inundated with new business from seemingly out of nowhere, and left wondering where we all came from.

This is what a Flash Car Mob is. Always changing locations, always limited notice of the date, time, and location, and not really organized.  We don't ask permission to use the lot because we are just customers enjoying the products of various businesses and the camaraderie of car, truck,  and bike ownership.

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